Bihar Board 12th MCQs Chemistry Answer Key 2019

Bihar School Examination Board, Patna will conduct the annual exam of chemistry subject. Student, who has taken a part in the BSEB class 12th chemistry subject board exam 2019. They all are very excited to know the MCQs Answer Key of Chemistry Subject 2019. 

BSEB 12th Chemistry Answer Key 2019

If you are also an examinee of BSEB 12th Chemistry Board exam 2019 and willing to know about intermediate chemistry MCQs answer key 2019. Here on this site has been given the latest update for Bihar Board 12th answer key of chemistry subject MCQ Answer key. BSEB 12th chemistry subject All Objective Question Answer will be available through the concerned link on this website.

Bihar Board I.Sc Chemistry Answer Key 2019

In the Bihar State, there are a lot’s of coaching centre And well educational point available for class XIIth, which are providing the answer key for their own student to self-analyse the given answer in the board examination of chemistry subject. So, that they can know, how many questions attempted correct and wrong in class 12th chemistry subject in annual exam 2019.

Q1. CH3CH2NH2 is known as –

Answer –Ethyl amine (A) 

Q 2. H2 SO4 is a

Answer – Dibasic Acid (A) 

Q 3. Over production of acid in the stomach can be controlled by –

Answer- Antacid (A)

Q 4. IUPAC name of CH3COOH is –

Answer – Methanoic acid (A) 

Q 5. Chief ore of Iron is –

Answer – All (D) 

Q 6.  Dettol is used as –

Answer – Antiseptic (B)

Q 7. Ammonia changes the moist red litmus paper into

Answer – Green (B) 

Q 8. pH of pure water is –

Answer –  7 (D) 

Q 9. Which of the following gas cannot be collected over water?

Answer – SO2 (C ) 

 Q- 10 Formula of Sucrose is –

Answer – C12H22O11 (B)

Q – 11  The symbol of Helium is –

Answer- Hi (B) 

Q 12. Copper metal is purified by which of the following method?

Answer – Electrolytic refining (A) 

Q 13. One Faraday electricity is equal to how much coulombs?

Answer- 96500 (B) 

Q 14. Second period of table contains elements:

Answer – 8 (B)

Q 15.   Number of (………….) Sigma bonds in CH4 is –

Answer –  4 (A) 

Q 16.           The Function group of alcohol is –

Answer – (- OH) (D)

Q 17.  PCI 5 is a-

Answer – Oxidising  Agent  (A) 

Q 18.  The formula of Nitric acid is –

Answer – HN0(A) 

Q 19. The hybridsation of N in NH3 is

Answer – SP 3  ( A)

Q 20. Polythene is polymer of –

Answer – Ethene (B)

Q 21. Nitrogen & Oxygen are –

Answer –  Metals  (A)

Q 22. Buna – N and Buna – S are –

Answer – Synthetic rubber (B)

Q – 23. The oxidation number of Fe in K4 [Fe(CN)6] is –

Answer   + 3 ( B )

Q 24.        Alcohol is formed when one of the hydrogen if Alkane is replaced by

Answer –  Chloro group ( D )

Q 25.  White and yellow phosphorous are –

Answer – Isotones (D) 

Q 26. Which of the following gas is mono – atomic ?

Answer – Helium (  B )

Q 27. Nitric acid is prepared by –

Answer – Photosyntiesis ( C )  

Q 28. Drug used to reduce fever is called –

Answer –  Antipyretic  ( A )

Q 29. The name of the compound OH is-

Answer – Phenol (B) 

Q 30. Transition elements are also know as –

Answer  d – block elements (C) 

Q 31.  Group I Elements of Periodic Table are know as-

Answer –  Alkali Metals (A) 

Q 32. A process of heating ore of metal in excess of air below its melting point is called –

Answer – Roasting (A)

Q 33. Carbohydrate which yield there to then mono Sachcaride units on hydrolysis is called –

Answer – Oligosacchariede ( C )

Q 34. Ke [Fe(CN)6] is a –

Answer – Complex Compound (B) 

Q 35. Oleum is composed of H2SO4 and which constituent ?

Answer – H2S (C) 

BSEB Class 12th Chemistry Answer Key

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Bihar Board XIIth Chemistry Answer Key 2019 

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