Bihar Board Matric English 100 Marks Questions Paper 2018

It is easy to get a feel about the real examination is doing preparation with the previous year examination questions. While practice with the previous year examination questions set students to need to be honest from their self. 

BSEB Matriculation English Questions Paper 2018

Anyway here going to talk about the Bihar Board matric exam 2018 English questions paper. As you know English is most important for avail good carrier scope. 

Hope that for the high marks in the Bihar board 2019 Examination you may wish to get more and more practice with the English subject questions like the model set, Previous year examination questions and Questions which provided by your coaching centers. 

Bihar Board 10th English Questions Set 2018 Online 

To Kick off your preparations by solving Bihar board class tenth previous year board exam question paper of English Subject you can surely score good marks. Such authentic preparation will build your confidence and reduce your anxiety levels to the minimum. Through this website, we have provided the Bihar Board class Xth English 2018 question paper. 

So that concerned student can able to check that previous year question paper online. This will help you to a good score, more during your board exam for sure.

BSEB Matric English Board Exam Question Paper is a wonderful resource for all those students of Bihar State all district, who aim to reach the top through smart work and efforts in his life. So You can easily download the previous year question papers of the English Subject and practice till you achieve perfection in English Subject before the BSEB board exam 2019.

Bihar Board 10th English Questions Paper 

In the previous year Bihar board class tenth English Subject Annual Exam, the board has asked the total  58 Questions for 100 full marks. In which there are total 50 MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) for 50 marks rest total 8 questions as (Descriptive type Questions) for 50 Marks. In Section B there will many alternative questions are given for easy to students. To Exact experience of Bihar Board, Matric Exam Give view and prepare with given questions of English subject. 

Board Exam English Question Paper Details
  • Board:- Bihar School Examination Board, Patna
  • Category:- Previous Year Questions
  • Class:- Tenth
  • Subject:- English
  • Status:- Available
  • Official

Note:– Previous Year in the Bihar Board, board exam BSEB had conducted the English Subject board exam of class tenth in two sitting, So we have provided the both sitting exam question paper for Student Support.

Bihar board 10th Englsih questions

Bihar Board Class Xth English Question Paper {2018}

Section “A” Objective Types Questions

Q 1. “The he pace of living” is written by:

(A) Aung San Suu Kyi (B)Toni Morrison (C) R.C. Hutchinson (D)Satyajit Roy

Q 2. In “The he pace of living” the writer captures the agony of ……….. man.

(A) modern (B)ancient (C)future (D)uncivilized

Q 3. In “Me and Ecology Bit” the narrator talks about advises everybody what they should do protect the………..

(A) elderly (B) ecology (C) children (D)pedestrians

Q 4. The narrator told Mr Williams not to burn leaves as it is………. for the year-end ecology.

(A) excellent (B) bad (C) good (D) helpful

Q 5. “Gillu” is about true friendship between human b being and a/an……..

(A) animal (B) alien (C) microorganism (D) ghost

Q 6. Everyone told the narrator that the squirrel has would not………… after being attacked so badly by the crow.

(A) move (B) eat (C) live (D) sleep

Q 7. the raw material of cinema is……….. itself.

(A) Studio (B) camera (C) hall (D) life

Q 8. what about cinema need about everything else is a style, an idiom, a sort of ……. of cinema which would be uniquely and recognisably Indian.

(A) Finance (B) studio (C) committee (D) iconography

Q 9. Aung San Suu Kyi was fighting for…………. in Burma.

(A) democracy (B) dictatorship (C) Monarchy (D) tyranny

Q 10. The Nobel Peace Prize was given to Suu Ki in …………..

(A) 1992 (B) 2000 (C) 1990 (D) 1991

Q 11. The old man was ………………

(A) foolish (B) wise (C) shy (D) bold

Q 12. the young people ask the old man a question. whose answer could only be given by one who could…………

(A) hear (B) smell (c) read (D) see

Q 13. culture is always a complex of……… stands for wooden importance and vitality.

(A) two (B) three (C) four (D) many

Q 14. In India, the difference between the masses in classes is not one of quality but of important and …….

(A) opportunity (B) food (C) dress (D) hair

Q 15. Malasha’s ….. came out and started scolding Akulya’s Mother.

(A) father (B) brother (C) sister (D) mother

Q 16. the two girls forgot their …….. and became friends again.

(A) anger (B) jealously (C) envy (D) farms

Q 17. according to the poet, health and virtue to can be found in……..

(A) towns (B) cities (C) village (D) factories

Q 18. “Ode on Solitude” is written by……….

(A) Alexander Pope (B) Leo Tolstoy (C) RC Hutchinson (D) Toni Morrison

Q 19. The polythene bag melts down when a little……… is applied.

(A) chemical (B) fertilizer (C) warmth (D) water

Q 20. Vidyapati’s poem about Radha and………..

(A) Ram (B) Sita (C) Krishna (D) Vishnu

Q 21. Greed is ………………, but life is not.

(A) worthy (B) bad (C) good (D) endless

Q 22. the poet asks the Koel, what has ……… her.

(A) hurt (B) forgotten (C) told (D) longings

Q 23. the Porter was going up a……….

(A) Road (B) lane (C) Cliff (D) platform

Q 24. the poet knew Martha when he was a……

(A) servant (B) child (C) shopkeeper (D) teacher

Q 25. Halku worked as……

(A) a tenant farmer (B) an engineer (C) a supervisor (D) a doctor

Q 26. Sheets, mattress pad and blanket should be washed…………… in hot water.

(A) monthly (B) Daily (C) weekly (D) yearly

Q 27. The bet was struck between the banker and the………

(A) lower (B) scholar (C) journalist (D) doctor

Q 28. Mr Gessler was a ……… boot maker.

(A) Russian (B) German (C) French (D) English

Q 29. The most fancy food item was the ice………..

(A) cake (B) pudding (C) pastry (D) chocolate

Q 30. The letters are exchanged between a mother and

(A) son (B) father (C) daughter (D) mother in law

Direction for question 31 to 33: Choose the passive voice of the given sentence:-

Q 31. My teacher has to teach me-

(A) I have to taught by my teacher      (B) I has to taught by my teacher

(C) I have to be taught by my teacher (D) None of these

Q 32. Trees provide oxygen-

(A) Oxygen is provided by trees   (B) Oxygen are provided by trees

(C) Trees are provided by oxygen (D) None of these

Q 33. he had spent many happy hour

(A) Many a happy hour was spent by him.  (B) Many a happy hour had been spent by him.

(C) Many happy hour had spent by him.     (D) None of these

Direction for question 34-36: Choose the indirect speech of the given sentence:-

Q 34. Ram said to Mohan,” Stand up on the bench”-

(A) Rama ordered Mohan to stand-up on the bench. (B) Ram said to Mohan to stand-up on the bench.

(C) Ram said Mohan to stand-up on the bench.         (D) None of these

Q 35. Radha Said,” I want to go to school”-

(A) Radha said that she wanted to go to school. (B) Radha said that she wants to go to School.

(C) Radha said that she want to go to school.      (D) None of these.

Q 36. she said,” I saw the film yesterday”-

(A) She said that she had seen the film yesterday. (B) She said that she had seen the film the previous day.

(C) She said that she had seen the film the last day.    (D) None of these

Direction for question 37-39: Choose the suitable verb in agreement with its subject:-

Q 37. There………… two errors in your work.

(A) it (B) was (C) shall (D)are

Q 38. No news…………. good News.

(A) is (B) are (C) have (D) were

Q 39. The colour of these houses………….. white.

(A) are (B) is (C) were (D)have

Direction for question 40-42: Choose the most suitable preposition:-

Q 40. He was knocked down……….. a bus.

(A) by (B) to (C) in (D) with

Q41. the boy is interested ………….. painting.

(A) at (B) in (C) to (D) for

Q 42. he felt pity………… the poor.

(A) to (B) in (C) for (D) of

Direction for question 43-45: Choose the correct spelling for each of the given words:-

Q 43. allready

(A) Allredy (B) Already (C) Allreaddy (D) None of these

Q 44. Comitee

(A) Committee (B) Comittee (C) Commitee (D)None of these

Q 45. Gennuune

(A) Genuine (B) Gennuine (C) Genuinne (D) None of these

Direction for questions 46-50: Choose the most suitable English translation:-

Q 46. क्या पटना गंगा नदी के किनारे बसा है?

(A) Patna is situated on the bank of the Ganga.  (B) Patna is situated in the bank of the Ganga.

(C) Is Patna situated on the bank of the Ganga? (D) None of these.

Q 47. खेलना एक प्रकार का व्यायाम है|

(A) Playing is kind of exercise.      (B) Playing are a kind of exercise.

(C) To play are a kind of exercise. (D) None of these.

Q 48. मैं नाश्ता कर चुका हूं|

(A) I have taken my breakfast. (B) I had taken my breakfast.

(C) I has taken my breakfast.   (D) None of these.

Q 49. उसकी आवाज बहुत प्यारी है|

(A) His voice is very sweet. (B) His voice was very sweet.

(C) His voice has sweet.      (D) none of these.

Q 50. मैंने एक सपना देखा|

(A) I see a dream.            (B) I saw a dream.

(C) I was seen an dream. (D) None of these.

Section:-B Descriptive Type Questions

BSEB 10th English Questions

Q 4. Write a paragraph on any one of the following topic in about 60 words. (5)

(A) The teacher you like most

(B) Bicycle

(C) A journey by bus

(D) Pollution

Q 5. You are Rakesh/Rani, the Head Boy/Girl of class X, of D.N. High School, Muzaffarpur. you have been asked to notify the students of your school about the cultural program which is going to held in your school. Write a notice in 50-60 word inviting international students for the screening test. (5)


Rajiv/Ranjan students of class X, you have visited the Red Fort recently. write a report on it. (about 60 words)

Q 6. you are Rohit/Rani of class X of Zila School, Patna. write an application to the principal of your school in order to get new sports equipment ordered. (about 60 words) (5)


You are Rajat/Rakhi, living at Zilla school hostel Patna. you have to buy some important books for the examination. write a letter to your father demanding Rs. 1000/- (one thousand rupees only) to purchase the books.

Q 7. you are Mohit Manika of class X. prepare a speech to deliver in the morning assembly of the school on “How students can become Ecology friendly”.( about 60 words) (5)


You are Prabhat/Prema of class X. Write a message to your mother to inform her that you are going to see Rajam/Renu, your friend, who has fallen ill. ( about 30-40 words)

Q 8. Answer any five of the following question:- (5X2=10)

(A) What is the writer’s opinion on travelling fast?

(B) What advice does Jim give to his mother? What does the reply?

(C) When did Gillu make a twittering sound?

(D) Where do you find health and virtue?

(E) What makes our life happy-money or contentment or both? Discuss.

(F) How is polythene bag harmful?

(G) Why did Halku need a blanket?

(H) What is allergy?


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