LNMU All Degree College in Bihar District Wise

All the Degree College in North Bihar, which is a part (Constituent or Affiliated Unit) of L. N. Mithila University, Darbhanga. Right Now Lalit Narayan Mithila University is the Top One University in Bihar State Due to Regular Course, Quality of Education, Course Availablity, Regularity of the Session, Courses Flexibility and Comfortable Course Fee etc. 

LNMU College List 

We have updated all the information for those Students, who wish to know about the Degree College online by the internet in the Bihar State’s District:- Samastipur, Begusarai, Darbhanga, and Madhubani. So that Student can able to know the District wise Degree College Availablity online.

Degree College in Darbhanga

Constituent College

  1. C. M. College, Darbhanga.   www.cmclnmu.ac.in
  2. C. M. Science College, Darbhanga    www.cmsc.ac.in
  3. C. M. Law College, Darbhanga    www.cmlclnmu.org
  4. Marwari College, Darbhanga     www.marwaricollege.edu.in
  5.  M. R. M. College, Darbhanga    www.mrmclnmu.ac.in
  6. K. S. College, Laheriasarai, Darbhanga     www.kscollegelnmu.org
  7. M. K. College, Laheriasarai, Darbhanga    www.mkcollegedbg.ac.in
  8. Millat College, Laheriasarai, Darbhanga    www.millatcollege.ac.in
  9. M. L. S. M. College, Darbhanga   www.mlsmlnmu.ac.in
  10. B. M. A. College, Baheri, Darbhanga   www.bmac.ac.in
  11. M. K. S. College, Trimuhan Chandauna, Darbhanga  www.mkscollege.in
  12. J. K. College, Biraul, Darbhanga     www.jkcollegebiraul.com
  13. J. N. College, Nehra, Darbhanga.     www.jncollegenehra.co.in

Affiliated College

01           M. G. College, Darbhanga

02           R.B.J. College, Bela, Darbhanga

03           L.C.S. College, Darbhanga

04           N. Jha Mahila College, Laheriasarai, Darbhanga

05           Bahera College, Bahera, Darbhanga

06           M.M. College, Kadirabad, Darbhanga

07           M.M.T.M. College, Darbhanga

08           M.R.S.M. College, Anandpur, Darbhanga

09           A.M.M. College, Benipur, Darbhanga

10           Sati-Bharat College, Parari, Darbhanga

11           Q.A. Degree College, Jale, Darbhanga.(Pass Courses) No Affiliation ( Hons Course) from the session 2016-19

12           Janta Degree College, Korthu, Darbhanga. Temporary Affiliation from the session 2018-21 to 2020 to 2023 for three Session

Degree College in Madhubani

Constituent College

01           R. K. College, Madhubani  www.rkclnmu.ac.in

02           J. N. College, Madhubani www.jncollegemdb.com

03           R. N. College, Pandaul, Madhubani   www.rncollegepandaul.in

04           B. M. College, Rahika, Madhubani

05           K. V. Sc. College, Ucchaith, Madhubani  www.kvscollege.com

06           J. M. D. P. L. Mahila College, Madhubani  www.jmdplmahilacollege.com

07           L. N. J. College, Jhanjharupr, Madhubani

08           M. L. S. College, Sarisabpahi, Madhubani  www.mlscollege.com

09           H. P. S. College, Madhepur, Madhubani  www.hpscollegemadhepur.com

10           C. M. J. College, Downwarihat, Madhubani   www.cmjcollege.in

11           C. M. B. College, Deorh, Ghoghardiha, Madhubani  www.cmbcollege.in

12           D. B. College, Jaynagar, Madhubani  www.dbcollege.net

13           V. S. J. College, Rajnagar, Madhubani  www.vsjcollege.in

Affiliated College

01           D.N.Y. College, Madhubani

02           A.H.S.A. College, Madhubani

03           P.D.K.J. College, Andharatharhi, Madhubani

04           S.N.M. College, Bhairaw Sthan, Madhubani

05           P.L.M. College, Jhanjharpur, Madhubani

06           S.M.J. College, Khajedih, Madhubani

07           Lutan Jha College, Nanaur, Madhubani  Sri Rabindra Nath Jha     Temporary For the session 2018—21

Degree College in Samastipur

Constituent College

01           Samastipur College, Samastipur  www.samastipurcollegelnmu.com

02           R. N. A. R. College, Samastipur www.rnarcollege.org

03           B. R. B. College, Samastipur  www.brbcollege.in

04           Women’s College, Samastipur   www.womenscollegesamastipur.org

05           A. N. D. College, Shahpur Patory, Samastipur www.andcollege.in

06           R. B. S. College, Andaur, Samastipur  www.rambahadursinghcollege.com

07           R. B. College, Dalsinghsarai, Samastipur www.rbcollege.ac.in

08           U. P. College, Pusa, Samastipur     www.umapandeycollege.org.in

09           U. R. College, Rosera, Samastipur     www.urcollege.co.in

10           D. B. K. N. College, Narhan, Samastipur  www.dbkncollege.co.in

11           Dr L. K. V. D. College, Tajpur, Samastipur  www.drlkvdcollege.in

12           G. M. R. D. College, Mohanpur, Samastipur      www.gmrdcollege.org

Affiliated College

01           S.K. College, Thatiya, Rosera, Samastipur

02           K.S.R. College, Sarairanjan, Samastipur

03           S.M.R.C.K. College, Samastipur

04           G.K.P.D. College, Karpoorigram, Samastipur

05           Sant Kabir College, Samastipur

06           R.L.S.R.M.D. College, Shivajinagar, (Only Pass Courses) No Affiliation ( Hons) from the session 2016-19

07           Vidhi Mahavidyalaya, Samastipur

08           Mahanth Narayan Das College, Chandauli, Ujiyarpur (Samastipur)   2018-21

Degree College in Begusarai

Constituent College

01           G. D. College, Begusarai      www.gdcollegebegusarai.com

02           S. B. S. S. College, Begusarai     www.sbsscollegebegusarai.com

03           S. K. M. College, Begusarai     www.skmcollege.in

04           A. P. S. M. College, Barauni, Begusarai          www.apsmcollege.in

05           R. C. S. College, Manjhaul, Begusarai

Affiliated College

01           R.C.S.S. College, Bihat, Begusarai

02           R.B.S. College, Teyai, Begusarai

03           R.K.A. Law College, Begusarai

04           Mahanth Ram Jiwan Das College, Vishnupur,   Temporary For the Session 2018-21

We have collected all information from official website of  Lalit Narayan Mithila University and Provide to the students by this website after Modify.

If You need to more information about Lalit Narayan Mithila University, you may visit the official website of University. www.lnmu.ac.in or ask through the comments.



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